A group of business and technology experts from New York-based Edison Group, a research and industry analyst firm, took the best of what they learned and developed while working together over several years and teamed up to form a new company, Tesla Strategies, a similar yet separate and disruptively unique technology research, marketing, and consulting company.

Kelly Strand Anderson, co-founder and past VP of Edison Group in New York, also founded Tesla Strategies and is leading their team of experts in a new direction, working with technology vendors only, and focusing primarily on research and marketing services for their product managers and marketing executives at each stage throughout their product and business life cycle = impactful marketing, empowering research, visual storytelling, and cool experts.

Impactful Marketing - Our marketing services are designed to give you strategies and tactics, value propositions and key differentiators, compelling content and messaging, using innovative sales tools and marketing vehicles to grab your customers’ attention long enough to buy more.

Empowering Research - Our customized research arms our clients with quantitative data and qualitative value on their market, technology, solutions, products, competitors, partners, and customers. This gives you a better understanding of your market landscape, the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors' products compared with your own, what your customers want in a solution and how they buy it, and what your partners need from you to sell more for you.

Visual Storytelling - We collaborate with product managers and marketing teams to research, analyze, strategize, develop, and create their marketing messages, putting data into pictures to help them tell their story.

Cool Experts - We are a diverse group of people with extensive real-world experience in a broad range of technologies, business principles, product management processes, marketing strategies, sales enablement, and content content content. Many of our business and technology experts were our clients before joining us, so they have a personal connection and a unique perspective on your challenges and goals.

Working with Tesla Strategies

We don't have any catalogs, price lists, or cookie cutters around here. When we first start working with someone, we go through a discovery process where we ask each other a bunch of questions. This allows our experts to learn a bit more about you and the goals you want to accomplish, the problems you need help in solving, what you hope to learn from our research, and what you'd like to have in your hands at the end of the project.

From this, we will design a research and marketing solution, customized for your specific situation to solve your specific challenges. The primary purpose of this process is to ensure we’re all on the same page, or if not, to work with you to refine the scope until it accurately describes your needs and expectations for a project.