Challenges Development Teams Face

We work with those on development teams, and those within product management teams who work with development, to help them uncover the in-depth information needed to plan product roadmaps and to implement development strategies and go-to-market campaigns.

These teams come to us for help when they are...

• Concerned they don't know enough about their own product, or how its features, functionality, and performance compare to their competitors, in order to develop a high quality product that beats their competition.

• Worried they don't know what their customers need, or what's most important to them, so they're not sure which features to add or what functionality to improve or how to prioritize their development efforts.

• Frustrated their product development roadmap hasn't been validated and might not be solid and credible, or might have higher risks than they know how to counter.

Solutions Tesla Strategies Offers Development Teams

We help them solve these challenges by...

• Performing in-depth research, which might include product testing, on their product and their competitors' products, demonstrating a side-by-side comparison of the feature sets, functionality, performance, and feature-to-feature strengths and weaknesses of the products, in order to plan product updates that win against their competitors and go-to-market strategies that place their product at the top of the market.

• Researching customers and prospects through social networks, online surveys, and telephone interviews, and providing proof points, both quantitative data and qualitative descriptions and quotes, which help the development team to ensure future product versions meet their customers' expectations and needs.

• Researching and assessing their product specs and roadmap, and either validating its credibility as-is or providing suggestions for revisions and enhancements that will help the development team plan and implement their next product version.

Research Customized to Fit Development Teams

Tesla Strategies incorporates a variety of primary and secondary research methodologies, including interviews and surveys with competitors, partners, customers, and our client's own team members; examination of our existing research data, hands-on product testing and benchmarking; review of many sources of publicly available information, product documentation and demos, online resources, client-provided materials, trade press and analyst resources, and social networks.

We design research plans around the information you're looking to learn and what you're hoping to accomplish.

Marketing Content and Research Reports
for Development Teams

We develop research reports and other deliverables focused on your development strategies and objectives, helping you satisfactorily improve your product, and providing the validation needed to give it credibility.

• Product Testing Datasheet and Results Report
• Product Analysis Report
• Competitive Product Feature Matrix
• Competitive Analysis Report to Development Teams
• Customer Needs Analysis Report
• Product Roadmap Validation
• Retainer-Based: Market Tracking Program
• Development Implementation Guide
• Migration White Paper