Challenges Marketing Teams Face

We work with those on marketing teams, and those within product management teams who are responsible for planning and implementing marketing strategies, content, and campaigns.

These teams come to us for help when they are...

• Frustrated they don't know enough about their competitors' products, or how they stack up against them, in order to strategically position and promote their products.

• Concerned they don't understand their customers' needs and opinions well enough to be able to cause an increase in customer demand, satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

• Worried about a new competitor or recent loss of market share to an existing competitor.

Solutions Tesla Strategies Offers Marketing Teams

We help them solve these challenges by...

• Performing comprehensive and in-depth competitive research, including interviews with competitors to assess how they market their product, discussions with customers to ascertain the user perspective of the products, and possibly hands-on product work for a real-world technology comparison. Analyzing research results and creating an internal report that helps the marketing team develop or enhance their marketing plan with updated product differentiation, a strategic promotion plan, and new go-to-market strategies. Developing competitive collateral, compelling messaging, and valuable content.

• Conducting online surveys and telephone interviews with prospective and current customers to gain a thorough understanding of their product needs and buying habits. Providing an internal report to marketing with quantitative data, customer proof points, qualitative descriptions, and customer quotes, which help the marketing team develop and implement a demand generation plan that causes an increase in customer demand, satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

• Performing an in-depth and thorough competitive analysis on a new competitor, including research on their company, their technology, their products and solutions, a business and financial analysis, a market opportunity analysis, their marketing program with its marketing mix, and their sales plan and processes. Developing an internal report that presents the research results, a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), marketing tactics to counter competitors claims and threats, and silver bullets with proof points to be used in marketing collateral and promotional material.

Research Customized to Fit Marketing Teams

Tesla Strategies incorporates a variety of primary and secondary research methodologies, including interviews and surveys with competitors, partners, customers, and our client's own team members; examination of our existing research data, hands-on product testing and benchmarking; review of many sources of publicly available information, product documentation and demos, online resources, client-provided materials, trade press and analyst resources, and social networks.

We design research plans around the information you're looking to learn and what you're hoping to accomplish.

Marketing Content and Research Reports for Marketing Teams

We develop marketing content and research reports focused on your marketing strategies and objectives, helping you tell your story, and providing the proof points needed to back it up.

Marketing Strategies
• Strategic Marketing Plan
• Positioning and Messaging
• Branding and Loyalty
• Demand or Lead Generation
• Marketing Materials
• Digital Marketing
• Media and PR

Internal Analysis and Strategy Reports
• Competitive Analysis Report to Marketing
• Research Briefs: Market, Vendor, Technology, or Product
• Competitive Product Matrix
• Customer Needs Analysis
• Marketing Content Document

External Public Content
• Competitive White Paper
• Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Study
• Business Value White Paper
• Migration White Paper
• Vendor or Product Profile
• Technology or Solution Briefs
• Customer Case Study
• Press Releases
• News Articles

Digital Marketing
• Blogs
• Forums
• Social Networks
• Email Campaigns
• Website Landing Page
• Mobile/Apps
• Microsites
• Infographics
• eBooks
• Dynamic White Papers
• Marketing Automation
• Online Product Demos

• Slide Presentations
• Videos
• Audio Recordings
• Webinars/Webcasts
• Speaking Engagements
• Live Online Events
• Seminars, Workshops, Keynotes

Retainer Based Programs
• Ongoing Market/Competitor/Product Tracking
• Market/Competitor/Product Bulletin (weekly/monthly email)