Impactful Marketing

Tesla Strategies is a company of storytellers, non-fiction storytellers. Our stories start with the results of our custom research and the knowledge of our team of technology, business, and marketing experts. We then develop or validate your value proposition, provide proof points and thought-leadership insights that credibly differentiate your solutions, and create a compelling story by combining provocative qualitative content with supporting quantitative data.

Visual Storytelling

Wherever possible, we enhance our content visually--adding graphics, charts, photos, and even videos when it makes sense--because visuals grab your prospect's attention amidst the overwhelming stream of content into which their nets are dangling. Before we release your content, we ensure it is well-written and easy to read, visually appealing and attention-grabbing, clearly communicates your message and branding, and delivers on the challenges and goals we set out to conquer at the beginning of your project.

Below is a long list of marketing strategies, tactics, and deliverables our team of experts cover. When you have questions about how we might be able to help you, please contact us or request info, and we'll get back to you shortly.

Marketing Strategies

• Market Research
• Product Review
• Product Development
• Competitive Analysis
• Customer Needs Analysis
• Strategic Marketing Plan
• Positioning and Messaging
• Branding and Loyalty
• Demand or Lead Generation
• Marketing Materials
• Channel Review and Marketing
• Sales Training and Tools
• Digital Marketing
• Media and PR

Internal Analysis and Strategy Reports

• Competitive Analysis Report to Development
• Competitive Analysis Report to Marketing
• Competitive Analysis Report to Sales (sales guide)
• Competitive Analysis Report to Partner Teams
• Research Briefs: Market, Vendor, Technology, or Product
• Competitive Product Matrix
• Sales Win/Loss Analysis
• Customer/Partner Needs Analysis
• Marketing Content Document

Sales/Channel Partner Promotions

• Competitive Sales Guides
• Competitive Battlecard
• Customer Presentations
• TCO Calculator
• Sales Training/Coaching
• Partner-Focused Battlecard
• Partner Handbook
• Competitive Sales Portal
• Competitive Sales Mobile App

External Public Content

• Competitive White Paper
• Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Study
• Business Value White Paper
• Migration White Paper
• Vendor or Product Profile
• Technology or Solution Briefs
• Customer Case Study
• Press Releases
• News Articles

Digital Marketing

• Blogs
• Forums
• Social Networks
• Email Campaigns
• Website Landing Page
• Mobile/Apps
• Microsites
• Infographics
• eBooks
• Dynamic White Papers
• Marketing Automation
• Online Product Demos


• Slide Presentations
• Videos
• Audio Recordings
• Webinars
• Speaking Engagement
• Live Online Events
• Seminars, Workshops, Keynotes

Retainer Based Programs

• Sales Challenge/Rapid Response
• Ongoing Market/Competitor/Product Tracking
• Compete Flash (daily SMS - alert or sales tip)
• Market/Competitor/Product Bulletin (weekly/monthly email)